Saturday, August 23, 2014

Villanous Villains

In these villainous times we come together to understand why on earth writers create these creatures: villains.

All the earth would be a masterpiece without a villain. All the happy bunnies would sing in endless rolling hills heaped with tasty colorful candy flowers. All the people would sweetly sleep with their doors open and no one would need heroes anymore.

Yet, without a villain, be it living or elemental, we have no story. Why is that?

Why do we not have happy stories devoid of problems? It can't be done. Or rather, it shouldn't be done, because, mark my words, no one will read it. Except maybe one or two of your most loyal friends, who will say they like it when they really do not.

So then, a good writer must create good villains. That is, the villains are bad, but the work you do on creating them must be good. Bad work doesn't create useful antagonists. And if your antagonist isn't useful, delete him. Or her.  It's that simple.

Consult your friends. Gather information. Aggregate info from several sources till you come up with someone who really makes your readers' blood boil and seethe with a desire to have someone stand up to him or her. Then have someone do so. The less gifted the someone, the better. A hero who can flatten a dragon by pinching it between his finger and thumb doesn't have much of a story to tell. A knock kneed nerd who never told anyone no in his life against a dragon? Now that's a story worth hearing!

Write on!

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