Saturday, July 19, 2014


Have your characters slam the door in somebody's face. First build up a good reason for them to do so, so that your readers will essentially be slamming the door along with your character.

It could be a love interest that is caught courting another.

It could be an accountant that has been secretly observed stealing from the revenues.

It could be a spy, a liar, a double agent, a destructive gossip, a demanding employer, a turncoat pet, a crafty salesman....

Who, in real life, have you ever felt like slamming a door upon? Dress that person up in the guise of one of your characters. Embellish it. Exaggerate. Then see what happens when you release that person into the hapless village/city/realm of your storytelling.

You have to create imbalance in order to achieve the need for the balance to be restored. You have to put your hand into the situation and stir up disorder before the hero's desire and drive for order can be fully appreciated.

Write on!