Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Step Right Up

"Hurry, hurry, step right up and see what it's all about, folks! I have here a gen-u-ine, I said GENUINE, book that demands to be read. This book will keep you up nights reading page after page till you end up unhappy. And why unhappy? Because the book will be finished and you'll want another book! A thrill ride from beginning to end! Lots of romance, lots of adventure are threaded in these thin little pages. Just one harmless book, priced go to at 2.99. Did I say 2.99? But wait, there's more! Buy the book this very minute and we'll also throw in this incredible bookmark which you'll want to use again and again. See the climbing roses that adorn the front of this fantastic piece of art? Now look on the back. Puppies! Everyone's going to love this free gift, absolutely free when you purchase this awesome novel."

Far fetched? Maybe. But not much. Promotion is an important part of any author's craft. If nobody wants to read your story, you may as well kiss your career goodbye. And maybe it's a perfectly readable story. Maybe it's delightful. It's a page turner, a book everyone will demand. One they'll want to see made into a movie.

But let me ask you this: WHO KNOWS ABOUT IT? What do people know about it? Where are they getting their information? How are you communicating your story's desirability?

Write on!

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