Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All Moved and Removed

So many things in written and cinematic stories are being removed! Paint is removed from houses, fences, cars. Makeup is removed from faces. Hair is removed during shaves, haircuts, and animal grooming.  Dirt is removed when dishes, windows, and floors are washed.

People are removed from jobs. They lose their footing on boats and get thrown from horses. Their hats are removed as signs of respect. Bridal veils are removed at the proper moment.

Erasers take words and edit drawings. Backspaces undo typos.

"Please remove your feet from the coffee table!"

"Please remove your muddy boots before entering!"

Remove old batteries. Remove broken and worn mechanical parts. Remove fingerprints from walls and stains from carpeting.

Have you ever watched, listened, noticed:

So much of doing is actually undoing!

Write off!

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