Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valuing Valentines

A small brightly colored message arrives, delivered to the queen's own hand. What does it say?

What other ways can we invent to send a Valentine? The sky's the limit when we're within a story, for we have the vast resource of completely unfettered imagination.

What would you have your character send or receive in the communication of romance?

Novel Valentine gift ideas:

A white horse, a vessel of cherries, a basket of quail, an entire room full of flowers, an attentive servant, a piece of wall art, a sculpture, a sack of gold coins, an entire symphony to play all evening, a magic wand, a treasure box full of mysteries, a huge piece of land, a barn full of milk cows, garden full of butterflies (butterfly aviary), a well trained parrot, a guardian animal (dog, wolf, big cat, mythical monster), a captured unicorn.........what will YOU think of?

Write. Write, write, write....

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