Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tossing Life

At the summit two foes meet in battle. One tosses the other into the brink.

At the end of all struggles two foes meet in battle. One vanquishes the other.

At the end of the journey the band of noble heroes finds the treasure. Vanquished foe? The lack of treasure has been remedied. Eased. A need, wish, or dream fulfilled.

When life tosses you, get your rodeo boots on. When life behaves like billows, batten down the hatches in your excellent ship. When life rears its head, don the armor and pick up your sword and shield.

And when life gets interesting, turn this into profit. Enrich your story with disguised details taken right from reality. Here's a bit of that for you:

"The weak and miserable creature clawed at the locked door, certain something contained within would parch his thirst, but just as sure he would be unable ever to open it. He could not let go of his empty cup. It had contained a drink once, a very long time ago. He wanted it to produce more, incapable of conceiving that his own mind was illogical and equally incapable of believing that if he simply gave up his quest, tossed aside the ruined and useless vessel, and approached the door empty handed, the wise queen from within would recognize his sanity and would immediately grant him access to a little sink that lay just inside the door. Till then he was an enemy, for empty cups bearing enemy insignia were banished by law from ever entering the castle."

Originality at your service.

Write on!

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