Monday, January 20, 2014

Drip, Plunk, Splash!

At the risk of seeming like a comic book where zing and thwap blaze the page, let's investigate some enriching sounds:

Water: plunk, drip, splash, ocean waves, pattering raindrops, plop, trickle, gurgle

Laughter: guffaw, snicker, titter, giggle, chuckle, cackle

Metal: creak, groan, squeak, moan, chink, clink, clatter, jingle

Impact: thud, thwack, whack, pow, crack, wham, bam, flop, tap

Animals: growl, hiss, squeal, squeak, cheep, tweet, bark, roar, wail, scream, chatter, purr

Wind or air: puff, whiff, whistle, whine, blast, roar

Let's try this:

A gentle wind played with the long narrow ends of the sun hungry leaves. As I turned my attention to the sky a dozen geese honked their message: Winter is coming! Prepare your houses, or better yet, follow us! And to these noble creatures I write: I wish I could follow you, see where you're going, and return to light in the nearest pool of water when the warm rays of light lengthen again in the time of life's renewal. To you I salute. You remind me of the romance of a hundred places I've never been.

The fence creaked heavily under winter's breath, so soon to arrive like a greedy child eager to have his due before the promised time. A goat nibbled the edges of dried hay and sticks, unperturbed by the chill that hung in the air and the smoke that arose silently from the neighbor's chimney.


Sometimes the biggest sound, after all, is silence.

Write on.

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