Monday, January 6, 2014

Add a Comic Relief

Most people like to laugh. If you can incorporate laughter into your novel or short story you have just given your readers a mental, emotional, and even physical health boost. Isn't that what it's all about? Giving? Oh, of course you want to make money at your craft, and rightly so. But none of us (hopefully) is such a Scrooge (don't worry he's public domain) as to put money completely above doing a benefit to those who support us.

Some characters lend themselves to making readers laugh. Some straight laced characters end up making us laugh because of the things that happen to them. Let's try a practice.

"The bumblebee flew quickly and landed on Anabella's hat. Not only this, but it did so just at the time she was reaching up to adjust her newest pink feather. Knowing her fear of bees, and knowing that sooner or later it would fly away of its own accord, Robert thought of a plan.

'Anabella, dear, why don't we feed the birds?'

He took her by the hand, hoping that as she walked the jostling movement would gently induce the bee to take flight, but unfortunately it was resolutely perched, nibbling on the edge of a dried flower that graced her upper bonnet."

Okay, so this is not laugh-out-loud funny, but it's a place from which to start. All kinds of things are possible in this situation. Will Anabella be stung? Will Robert succeed in dislodging the bee? How will he keep her in the dark about its presence and its whereabouts?

Play with it, my dear writer. You can do it. Write on!

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