Sunday, December 22, 2013

Things to Try

If you haven't yet, may I suggest your broaden your life experience by trying some of these ideas?

1. drink half and half right out of the carton (after you've tried this, try it again and add chocolate syrup)
2. send a helium balloon to a total stranger at the hospital and sign it anonymously
3. buy wild bird food and toss it all over the ground where you don't mind if some of it sprouts
4. learn a simple new instrument
5. put cheerful stickers on your next electric bill if you still live where they need to be mailed
6. compliment the name of a telephone customer service representative
7. pay for a stranger's dinner anonymously at a restaurant
8. double the normal tip next time you eat out
9. send greeting cards to every resident at a local nursing home
10. donate free copies of your next book to a library or a school

Don't just get out of your groove, destroy your groove! Why should we live in a rut?

Write on!

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