Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inspirational Sneaky Tricks

1. Put your real life enemy, carefully disguised, into the story, and bring about a comeuppance for him or her.

2. Elevate someone whom you think in real life possesses virtue to the level of hero, queen, or magician in your plane of myth and fantasy. Again, make sure either the person is okay with you doing this or you have very cleverly disguised him or her so that he or she can't guess about whom you are speaking.

3. Long lost love? Lost friend? Deceased pet? Honor them or resurrect them and plant them firmly in your tale to exist again and anew in the minds of your readers.

Or you could modify these steps and have your mortal enemy defeated by your virtuous hero with the help of your resurrected pet. Or your long lost friend found by the queen with the help of your mortal enemy who turns out begrudgingly to need something he or she can only obtain with your cooperation. Maybe he or she can even turn into a friend in your tale, as happens often in my favorite holiday stop motion animated classics.

Listen carefully to the most important secret sneaky trick of all. You ready? Here it is.


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