Saturday, November 9, 2013


How many different kinds of traps can you think of? Let's make up a character named Alonzo, and put him into several different kinds of trap situations to see what we can create.

"Alonzo suddenly found his foot rising high above his head, and with a sudden sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach he flew into an upside down position, dangling from a jingling rope attached to a bouncy supple tree limb."  SNARE

"Alonzo yelped as the floor beneath him caved. Leaves flew upward; the ground swallowed him in a single gulp. 'Are you okay down there?' asked Flora. 'Why are your eyes glowing?' she added. 'Those aren't my eyes,' he replied. 'I'm okay, but I think I surprised this tiger.'" TRAP DOOR/PIT

"The realization dawned slowly. There were walls on three sides: north, west, and east. Behind him raced the thirty armed thieves; ahead loomed the shade of unsympathetic rock." BOX CANYON

These are just three examples. Think of more. A large cage could fall on your hero. An army or a pack of wild animals could surround him. He could become entangled in a rope, in glue or tar or molasses or some other substance; he could get lost in a maze, in a jungle, or in an endless field or desert.  What else can you think of?

Write on!

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