Friday, November 15, 2013

Rhyme Time

Beet, beat, cheat, feat, feet, greet, heat, meet, meat, neat, peat, seat, treat, wheat......

Okay, that's A thru Z in things that end in the "eat" sound. Now to weave them into work.

I once beat a beet to receive the red stain
A feat without cheat into which I drained
Under heat, mixed with meat, with some wheat and grain
A treat so complete that no hunger remained

When I greet the feet of my hungry crew
And seat them, neat, in a row or two
And serve them the mixture I cooked and grew
They delight at the taste of my homemade stew!


Original, fresh, and served.

Okay, so I left out "peat." It didn't fit this rhyme. Whatever isn't useful can be saved for another day.

Now I challenge you: word play! Find an ending, list the possible combinations, and weave them.

Write on!

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