Saturday, November 30, 2013

Respect for All

Imagine this scenario:

You are wildly gifted and extremely talented. You can do things with words that leave others full of wonder and gratitude. You also, naturally, appreciate the work of other artists, knowing that you are not the only one in possession of this delightfully savory ability.

You see an agent who appears to be a good representative for another successful author, and you ask him or her if he or she knows any young agents that would like a job. He replies that he doesn't. You again express concern that you find the person you need to help you with your work, and he promptly snubs and ignores you.

Now there can be two reactions to this scenario. Yes, it stings to have someone treat you with disdain when you are a very good writer and a very hard worker. But you can

a. sulk about it
b. get off your seat and get going with your work. Prove him wrong. Make your name shine in lights that outdo the person he chose to represent.

Don't get discouraged. Don't let the razor sharp words or the arrogant snubs of others get you down. Use them as a springboard to drive you forward. Let your scribblings shine ever truer in a world that hungrily eats every crumb when you know how to cook up a really good recipe for revenge: living well.

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