Thursday, October 24, 2013

Running Out of Time

Bill was panting. He pushed his legs forward against their dull swinging aches. His side cramped as if it were gripped by cold, strong fingers, and his saliva was beginning to thicken on the back of his tongue as he breathed gulps of raw, frigid air that dried his teeth. He was slowing down; he knew that, but his will to force himself forward did not match his ability to do so.

They were gaining on him quickly. In two minutes or less they would have him. The unthinkable outcome spurred adrenalin through his veins, although his body's response to it was less than he desired.

His eyes glazed. He looked left and then right. No where to hide and catch his breath. Not even a leaf or half a bush.

*end sample*

Dear Reader,

Have you ever dreamed you were running from people or wild animals, only to find yourself out of strength and soon to be unable to continue? Is there any way you can use this in a story? How would you rescue the hero in this scenario?

1. He could find a hiding lace
2. A friend could show up with help
3. His pursuers could meet an untimely and unexpected demise
4. He could awaken from his nightmare
5. He could be caught, and the pursuers could:
     a. let him go
     b. make a mistake resulting in his escape
     c. turn out to be good after all
     d. cause him to join their side

Play with these ideas and come up with more. Write on!

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