Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pioneer Mystery

Extremely evil outlaws roamed the old American west.

Enter Lady Lisa. She's as tough as they are, only tougher. Oops! Spoiler! Don't let your audience know till the end that it's she who catches them and does various things to them, things that make everyone split a gut with laughter.

1. One bad guy was found locked in a trunk with an air hole to breathe, and mailed via bumpy stage coach all the way to the other end of the continent. Visit and revisit his journey. Always let there be a sound (thunder, barking dogs, fireworks) that drowns out his yells for help whenever he's near a town. When alone with the drivers, they turn a deaf ear because they have been paid extra gold by a mysterious person to keep on driving the box.

2. One bad guy is found hanging, alive, from a tree. He is positioned in a harmless harness. His jacket pockets are filled with enough food and drink, if he meters it out, to last (hopefully) until someone finds him and releases him. When he is finally found he has been wet down thoroughly by the rain.

3. One bad guy is found covered from head to toe in horse manure after having walked a long distance on foot from a remote place. When he arrives at the town the sheriff and deputies throw soap flakes and buckets of water at him in an effort to tone down the stink enough to lock him up.

These are just a few ideas. Of course the bad guys, if they survive and unite, may seek revenge. To keep the novel lighthearted and funny, their attempt must backfire and cause them even more discomfort and mayhem!

Write on! No copyrights here. Absolutely none.

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