Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can't Get Rid of....

Today's challenge: create a pest!

Ever have a stray dog follow you everywhere? How about a person? Ever know anyone who talked too much, way too much? Ever think you got away from someone, only to turn about and find him or her right behind you?

What sorts of things do pests do? A pest is not unfriendly, but rather annoying and amorous. If he or she were unfriendly your character would simply dismiss him or her, or ask the person to leave. Make your character feel genuinely guilty about getting rid of the pest (or wanting to do so), and genuinely plagued at his or her presence.

In a turn of plot, will your pest save the day? What will the pestilence do to redeem its place in your tale?

Write on! No copyright here. Let's get scribbling!

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