Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Personal Touch

What do all the very best and most admired authors have in common? Gutsy chance taking, bravado, courage, showmanship, fearlessness. They are not afraid to reveal themselves in the words they craft. They are not afraid to get close to the reader or to mention things that might make others blush. They get close to the personal issues and they take an honest look at how people really think. They add material that touches the reader personally, and without fear they tread where few others dare.

This has to be done carefully, or the reader will quickly chuck the book into a nearby dumpster. Just as approaching personal issues in real life requires finesse, so in authoring the writer must really know his craft if he wishes to get up close and personal in the material he or she presents. This could come in the form of a surprise, or the story could build up to it after the audience becomes comfortable for several chapters with listening to and understanding the way the story's creator thinks and explains.

I am not talking about lewd, unfit, useless material. Grab any old classic cartoon (I will not mention any names because this site is copyright free). Dizzy....achoo! This knee...cough, cough. Ahem....I think I'm better now. As I was saying, grab an old classic cartoon from even the most respected old reliable entertainment company, and count how many times someone, somewhere in the story, gets touched, poked, slapped, or kicked in the posterior. I am not trying to be unseemly here, but wide awake honest. This is a little known but essential part of the old cartoon's success and acceptance, although few really understand why. The human mind relaxes in this touchy feely silly environment of humor, almost like the cartoon artists and writers have become accepted family members and are allowed to say what they're saying as long as they say it quickly and without much fanfare.

Aside from silly, I can think of some very good thriller writers (again, no names, and no hints this time either) who are not afraid to be personal in their storytelling, and again, this seems to have the effect of making the audience open their hearts and minds to the tale that is being related in their pages. It is almost like the fearlessness rubs off somehow, and the author's candid approach allows the reader to let down his or her own guard in response.

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