Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peaceful Pauses

Between action sequences or stressful thrill rides a good story needs a peaceful lull. Practice your lulls to get all you can out of them.

"The entire enemy village lay desolate. Here and there a leftover campfire smoldered out in front of a cabin or a tent. A gentle dog padded up to him and smiled, wagging its oversized tail. He patted it and chewed thoughtfully on the end of a cinnamon stick."

Here's another example:

"The glen sparkled. Every gentle breeze stirred green leaves set aglow by the afternoon sun's quiet rays. A curve of rock wound its way below her feet as her toes dipped gently into the crystalline water's edge. Fish darted in and out of crevices in the rocks. A crawdad waddled half backwards, his antennae swaying in the rippling current."

Make your breaks into the greatest mental vacations your audience ever took! Write on! No copyrights here.

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