Monday, September 30, 2013

Party Crasher

This idea would fit nicely in a novel.

An ancient land, a yearly festival of good food and drink, followed by songs and campfires long into the night. Family gather, sheep bleat, and altogether a good feeling of contentment settles on the young lad as he observes these yearly festivities.

Yet it was not to last. Silently a party crasher steals upon the scene, wrecking everybody's fun and turning the night into a disaster.

He vows to change it. One day he will rise to power and banish all fun spoilers and party crashers from the land. People will rest peacefully beneath their fruit trees, strumming harps and swapping stories, with no one to tell them they cannot proceed.

Second idea:

A different type of party crasher shows up at every party, someone who belongs to the fun but then plants discord among everyone till they're all at each other's throats.

Third idea:

Annoying person makes so much commotion that no one can enjoy the feast. The party would be perfect without him.

Enter our hero, who takes him on a long exploring trip and keeps him away till the next day, sacrificing his own fun to save the fun of about a hundred other people.

Write on! No copyrights. Use what you please!

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