Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not Sure I Can Do It

An interesting source of additional plot tension is wondering whether or not the hero can do something. Examples are flying, swimming, climbing....

Climbing! As a kid I discovered that the handles of a series of drawers were just like a stepladder so I could reach things in the top of the cupboard without asking for help or obtaining a footstool. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for those handles I was told to stay off them because they were not made for that kind of use. Think, however, what your hero might do if he or she suddenly found a neat sort of ladder, not really meant for climbing, and if he or she followed it up as high as possible....

Sure, Jack and the Beanstalk. But Jack and the Cabinet Handles? What else could be climbed but shouldn't be climbed, the climbing of which is excusable in an emergency (i.e. save the farm, escape the danger, etc.)?

That's your idea for the day. Write on!

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