Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Neatest Things

Glowing swords, gems or jewelry that bestow powers upon the bearer, magical or powerful books, wands, lamps, or other objects that capture our attention all help create a story we love. The audience ends up wishing for these things, or purchasing copies and models of them in real life. I seriously considered buying an exact replica of a sword from my favorite adventure story. Why? What do these neat objects do for us? They let us, for a single instant, touch fantasy. Fantasy is fleeting and draws us away from the troubles of the lives we're in. For a single instant, when you hold a model or a replica of the thing, you are, in your own mind, living within that fantasy. Fantasy, fancy, flight, imagination, story--for an instant it becomes real to us. The thing we hold in real life is a memento from our journey, the keepsake of our excursion, a souvenir that declares where we've been. When someone displays a similar souvenir from the same or a similar journey, they become our brother, sister, fellow traveler in the hidden worlds between the worlds.

That's our crunchy munchy idea for today. No copyrights here! Anyone may use anything from this site. Write on!

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