Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oh! I've Got a Great Idea!

I have so many good ideas that belong in novels, but not the first clue how to get them into those novels. You see, I don't have time right now to write a novel, yet the ideas, good as they are, don't stay fresh to my mind unless I record them. And even after I record them often the glimmer of the idea is fleeting and I'm quickly onto something else.

So, I thought, if I can't use these ideas myself, why not share them? And this I intend to do. I intend to share every new idea that pops into my head, every time I say to myself, "That would make a great book!" Books, scenes, chapters, punchlines. Any good idea is going to be posted here for others to peruse. This site does not claim copyright on anything therein (except for ads, over which I have no say).

Today's Good Idea:

Spiders everywhere. New ones, in a fantasy tale. Not very large, rather brownish, named Death Flutes because of the marking of a flute upon their backs. Despite their name, they do not kill, but rather cause pain in the entire body for a year.

Enter The Bad Guy. The villain tries to release a Death Flute into the domicile or camp of the good protagonist. Instead of biting the protagonist, however, the protagonist's loyal friend is bitten, much to the anger of the audience.

Forward time. Now the villain is hiding out from being surrounded by good guys. He is in some sort of cavern or shed. He looks down, and he has put his foot into a nest of Death Flutes. Not one, but dozens are climbing up his leg. All at once one bites him, then following this the others start to bite him, and you close the curtain on this scene leaving him there to endure the pain of many multiple bites for a year. He will come crawling back out of this situation looking for revenge in some sequel.

No copyrights here! Any writer may use this, or create something based on it.

Way to write!

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